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Episode III: Enforcing threat prevention rules and regulations

In response to great pressure to comply with the canons thrown down by Regulatius, the King draws up strict regulations.

You will remember from our last episode, the king came under great pressure to comply with the canons thrown down by Regulatius, so he summoned his council of noble advisors.

Fearing the King's wrath, the noblepersons tenuously approached the throne. "It has come to my attention that some kind of witchcraft, invisible evil or black magic lurks at our perimeter. I know this for it is written.

"It is also written that if I do not attend to this immediately, I will need a bigger inseam. Isn't that right, Levi?" Levi was the King's tailor who had just finished weaving a new robe.

The king, though quite bewildered by the whole thing, was pretty wise. He knew how to use the intellect and strengths of his subjects to his advantage.

"Therefore, thus and furthermore, I will issue a decree to establish a basis by which all measures to protect the kingdom from this horrid black magic will be performed. I will convene a council of constituent representatives. Priorities will be established. A great writ will be published and all in the kingdom will abide."

So he ordered his favorite Burgher, the Duke of Fries and a McVicker, to the great room with the others for his lord's first Council of Impervious.

After three grueling days and nights of nothing but fast food and endless debate, the council emerged with its recommendations.

A great gathering commenced in the square. Trumpets sounded and the King and his royal orator emerged on the balcony.

"Hear ye! Hear ye! From this day forward, all subjects of Impervious will honor His Majesty's decree, damning the wicked magic that lurks at our every port. Know that it is no longer enough to build (fire) walls and supply antivenin. For if we remain as one, convicted to staving off the evil illusionists, we will retain our illustrious, impeccable, unimpeachable state of Impervious!

"Those who do not comply, insiders who aid or abet, or anyone known to willfully compromise the sanctity of Impervious, shall -- after a brief exit interview -- be loaded in the catapult and launched across the moat." Be it so ordered by the King!

Network and system noblepersons standing at the King's side, breathed a sigh of relief. Not only had they not been singled out for what they originally feared was their failure to secure the kingdom, but they now had a framework from which to operate and the full cooperation of the land.

About the author
Bill Kirkendale, CISSP, has been an IT professional for fourteen years and is a former United States Marine.

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This was last published in March 2004

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