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Episode V: Threat and audit response

Common belief was that vexers performed their villainous acts strictly from outside the Kingdom. Dame Domaine's forensic foray and audit trail analysis revealed a different story.

In our previous dalliance, our heroes had set out to assess risk and evaluate safeguards and countermeasures while...

engaged in virtual hand-to-hand combat with the vulnerability vexers. Bearing the guise of a lowly worm, a Trojan horse had pranced its way into the princess's chambers.

Common belief was that the vexers performed their villainous acts strictly from outside the Kingdom. Dame Domaine's forensic foray and audit trail analysis revealed a much different story.

There was malware in the air tonight and its genesis was of secondary concern because it was operating inside out. Containing the damage, the Dame feared, might be against all odds.

How could this happen in the Kingdom of Impervious?

As it turns out, Princess Bloomie's recalcitrance toward the King's overprotective nature had led her to do a bit of entertaining via the backdoor to her chambers -- IM, P2P, etc. Little did she know that her escapades had resulted in somewhat of an infection, and that the backdoor was being used to ascertain and reveal the private dealings of other royals, noblepersons and even peasants.

Dame Domaine had to act quickly. She summoned her associates and had a meeting.

"Brothers and sisters of the Royal Order of Countermeasures; Princess Bloomie has been a bad girl and allowed the entire kingdom to be penetrated."

"The door has been sealed and the infecting agent has been quarantined. I have convened this roundtable to devise a strategy for diffusing further propagation and refusing further instantiation using a blend of vaccination, scrutinization, fumigation and first and foremost...EDUCATION. All those in favor say, 'Aye!'"

It was unanimous -- the ayes had it, but "just say no" wasn't going to cut it. As pointed out in the previous episode, Sir Jack would lead the charge. The message would need to be both clever and effective and all subjects -- royals, nobles and peasants alike -- would be attended to. A new day was dawning, and Sir Jack was ready to commence the enlightenment of Impervious.

About the author
Bill Kirkendale, CISSP, has been an IT professional for 14 years and is a former United States Marine.

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This was last published in April 2004

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