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Hiding the last user logon in Windows 2000

Learn how to hide the last user logon in Win2k with this tip submitted by searchSecurity member Mike Marney.

Hiding the last user logon in Windows 2000

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If you work in a security-minded environment, you may want to disable the default setting in Windows 2000 that displays the name of the last person who logged on to the system. It's often far too easy to guess a user's password from his or her username or from the logon environment.

Windows 2000 has a GUI interface to help with this and other solutions; this is a much safer method instead of working directly in the registry. Please follow along with the step by step.

  • Logon with local administrator rights.
  • Go to control panel.
  • Select Administrative Tools.
  • Select Local Security Policy.
  • Expand Local Policies.
  • Select Security Options.
  • In the right hand window, double click "Do not display last user name in logon screen."

    Now you can select enable or disable for this setting.

  • This was last published in August 2001

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