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How to write a tip

Here's some advice on how to write a tip for our tip contest.

You've seen tips on this site, and you've seen us solicit tips from users like you. But you might think, "But I'm...

not a writer. I'm a security manager or a network administrator or a firewall specialist."

But I'm an electrical engineer, and I'm writing this. You can write a tip for us, too. All you need to develop is the desire; you already have everything else you need.

First, think back on all the tricks that you've picked up in your professional life. Some you have learned by just plain hard work; some came from someone else. For example, maybe you know some esoteric Windows keyboard shortcuts. Write those down; You just wrote a tip.

The subject matter will vary, depending on your area of expertise. It might have to do with TCP/IP settings for a Unix server. It might be something about setting up an intrusion-detection system, or using UDP for bulk file transfer. It might be about disabling SNMP or configuring a firewall. Whatever makes your job easier. Our job is to help our members share valuable technical advice with each other. You provide the advice, and we?ll do the rest.

Once you get the info onto the computer screen and send it in, our job starts. We turn that information into a tip that is easy to understand. We'll edit your tip so that knowledgeable people will understand it. If we don't understand your tip, we'll e-mail you back asking for an explanation, and, in some cases, we'll send you the edited tip to make sure we got it right.

Then we'll post the tip on our site. You'll get a shot at our tip prizes and start sharing your hard-earned trick with your peers.

You and our entire community win. All because you decided to share some of your knowledge.

Why not do it today?

Check out our Tip Contest Hall of Fame to see the users who have won our contests and read their tips.

This was last published in March 2002

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