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Implementing database security and integrity

Most database applications are network-capable. This increases the need for the implementation of security.

For many firms using database applications, ensuring database security and integrity should be of high priority....

Most database applications are network-capable; this increases the need for the implementation of security and ensuring integrity.

The network administrator, together with the CIO, should consider the following when implementing database security:

  • Install the most recent service pack for the network operating system. All service pack updates contain configuration upgrades that protect the network operating system from intrusions.
  • Hide the directory that will be used for sharing the database application to prevent any unauthorized access.
  • Most database applications include an administrator feature allowing control of the various levels of security access to the application. A senior member of the department where the application is to be installed should have the responsibility for this administrator function. This department member will work with the network administrator to assign access rights to the application.
  • The network administrator, who is responsible for the overall maintenance and backup of database applications on the network, should use DLT tape drives rather than DAT drives. DLT tape drives are much faster and can store more information.
  • Implement disk redundancy to ensure database integrity. RAID 1 (mirroring) or RAID 5 can be used. Generally, with database applications requiring a great number of write processes, you get higher performance with RAID 5. With RAID 1, write performance decreases because two writes occur instead of one for a given transaction.

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