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Listing Kerberos tickets

Use the klist utility to list all tickets in a user's ticket file.

Listing Kerberos tickets

This tip comes from Solaris 8 Essential Reference by John P. Mulligan, published by New Riders.

It is possible to list all tickets in a user's ticket file by using the klist utility. The ticket principal identity, principal names of all tickets, issue times, and expire times for all tickets are printed. The KRBTKFILE environment variable is consulted to find the ticket file. If this variable is not set, the /tmp directory is checked for a ticket file for the user.

Option Description
-file file Use the file specified by file as the user ticket file.
-s Silent. Only output the principal names of user tickets.
-srvtab Treat the ticket file like a service key file.
-t Check for a non-expired ticket-granting ticket. The exit status returns the results:
  • 1: Ticket exists.
  • 0: No ticket exists.

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This was last published in July 2001

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