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Make sure hackers don't find out your system's info via TCP/IP

Make sure your hackers don't find out your system info via TCP/IP.

From denial-of-service attacks to buffer overflows, Solaris security is a hot topic for all admins. Here is a way...

to make sure your Solaris implementation of TCP/IP does not reveal details about your release level (2.6, 7, 8) of Solaris:

# su -
# vi /etc/default/inetinit

Set the value here to 2, the RFC 1948 sequence number standard; reboot your server.

This algorithm will make sure that hackers and DDoS attackers cannot gather information about the operating system of your server by way of you TCP/IP implementation.

telnet $host_name

# su -
# vi /etc/default/inetinit
(Change 1 to 2)
# shutdown -g0 -i6 -y

This was last published in June 2002

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