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Navigating the mobile device management market: MDM vendors, products

When purchasing a mobile device management product or service, it's critical to find the MDM vendor that best aligns with your business goals and needs. This comprehensive list of MDM vendors aims to help evaluate who's who in the MDM market.

There are multiple products and services available in the mobile device management market, making it an intimidating and troublesome place to navigate.

Would your enterprise benefit from mobile device management (MDM) software? Or would MDM delivered as a cloud service better suit your needs?

After determining what your organization needs from an MDM product and which platform would best deliver these needs, it is critical to find the vendor that best fulfills your needs and the product that offers the features you need most.

Below is a representative list of companies that sell MDM software and/or deliver MDM as a cloud/software as a service (SaaS).

About the author:
Lisa Phifer owns and is president of Core Competence Inc., a consulting firm specializing in leading-edge network technology. She has been involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of networking and security products for over 25 years. She has advised companies large and small regarding needs, product assessment and the use of emerging technologies and best practices.

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