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Password variations for multiple accounts

Learn to create password variations for multiple accounts with this tip.

Password variations for multiple accounts

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Now a days, a person might have several different accounts. For security purposes, each account should have a different password. That means users need to remember multiple passwords.

However, by following the rules below, users can create multiple passwords that are similar and therefore easy to remember, yet secure:
  • Include two or four digits of the year of the user's birthday.
  • Include characters from the user's department or account name. This will change for each password.
  • Include characters from a person's name, pet name or nick name.

    For example:
    1970AccouJJ (for a work account)
    1970HotmaJJ (for a Hotmail account)
    1970PDAJJ (for a PDA account)
    1970HomeJJ (for a home computer)

  • This was last published in September 2001

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