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Perfecting the security policy process

Phebe Waterfield, Security Analyst, Yankee Group discusses tactics for perfecting the security policy process in this presentation from Information Security Decisions.

Phebe Waterfield, Security Analyst, Yankee Group, presented this session at Information Security Decisions Fall...



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The best security policies are both comprehensive and easy to understand. But creating these sorts of policies is often easier said than done. In this presentation, learn how to draft, implement and enforce an effective security policy. Discover in-the-trenches tactics for perfecting the security policy process and find out:

  • Who should be involved in creating and updating policy
  • Examples and templates of concise security policies that work
  • Helpful hints to effectively communicate a policy to employees and enforce it
  • Best practices to design policies that don't have to change by accounting for organizational growth and technology changes
  • How to update policies and determine when it's necessary to do so

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This was last published in October 2005

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