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Products of the Year: Content filtering

Information Security magazine unveils the best content filtering products of 2004.

GOLD MEDAL: Postini Perimeter Manager
Rating: 85

Making spam disappear is what makes Postini the Houdini of e-mail management for enterprises. Its Perimeter Manager service is highly effective, and its broad set of features has impressed enterprise users, earning it Information Security's gold award for content filtering.

"Postini is a home run," says a global IT security director at a large pharmaceutical company. It smashes spam without impeding legitimate messages. Security managers say that Postini has a more than a 99% success rate at blocking spam and rarely generates a false positive.

The power of Postini is in its PreEMPT technology, which automatically feeds legitimate e-mail through while either quarantining or tagging suspicious e-mail before it reaches the company's perimeter. The scanning and policy enforcement all happen on Postini's infrastructure, making it extremely effective against DDoS attacks, directory harvesting and malware.

"Postini offers a wide variety of features, and we don't have to configure it, tune it, or be the experts -- they're the experts, and we benefit from it," says a security manager at a medium-sized retailer.

Postini's formula for success is simple: Stop malware before it reaches its customers' mailboxes, offer no-brainer management features and keep servers humming smoothly and messages flowing freely.

SILVER MEDAL: MessageLabs Content Control
Rating: 84

USER COMMENT: "Quality of service is very high. It's very transparent."

BRONZE MEDAL: Websense Enterprise
Rating: 79

USER COMMENT: "Websense is sound and easy to deploy. Pop it in a box, and you're done."


This was last published in January 2005

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