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Sample security policy for end users, part five

This is the fifth part of a sample security policy for end users that can be customized to fit your needs.

Here is the fifth part of a sample security policy for end users, submitted by searchSecurity member Nap van Zuuren. Give it a read and tell us what you think by rating it at the bottom of the page. And, don't miss the rest of the policy; follow the link below.

XIV. Appendix A

Acknowledgment of Software/Hardware Policy

This form is used to acknowledge receipt of and compliance with the company's Software/Hardware Policy.

Complete the following steps:
1. Read the Software/Hardware Policy.
2. Sign and date this form in the spaces provided below.
3. Return this page only to the assigned Network Administrator (1).
- The return of this page can also be carried out by e-mail after PGP-signing of this page.

By signing below, I agree to the following terms:
(i) I have received and read a copy of the Software/Hardware Policy and understand and agree to the same.
(ii) I understand and agree that any software and hardware devices provided to me by the company remain the property of the company.
(iii) I understand and agree that I am not to modify, alter or upgrade any software programs or hardware devices provided to me by the organization without the permission of assigned staff.
(iv) I understand and agree that I shall not copy, duplicate (except for backup purposes as part of my job), or allow anyone else to copy or duplicate any software.
(v) I understand and agree that if I leave the company for any reason, I shall immediately return to the company the original and copies of any and all software, computer materials, or computer equipment that I may have received from the company that is either in my possession or otherwise directly or indirectly under my control.
(vi) I understand and agree I must make reasonable efforts to protect all company-provided software and hardware devices from theft and physical damage.

Employee Signature: x
Employee Name: x
Employee Title: x
Date: x
Department/Location: x

This sample policy is continued in Part Six.

This was last published in December 2001

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