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Screencast: How Tor improves Web surfing privacy and security audits

In an on-screen demonstration, learn how Tor can be used to ensure that surfing habits aren't recorded by malicious hackers.

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Tor is a security tool that permits anonymous Web surfing. While it's a tool that can be used both by white hats and gray hats alike, all information security pros should be aware of how it works.

In this screencast, Peter Giannoulis of The details not only how Tor can be used by individuals to ensure their surfing habits aren't recorded by malicious hackers, but also how IT professionals involved in auditing networks can mask their location so that a more thorough audit can be conducted.

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    About the author:
    Peter Giannoulis, GSEC, GCIH, GCIA, GCFA, GCFW, GREM, CISSP, is an information security consultant in Toronto, Ontario. He currently maintains, which provides organizations streaming video on how to configure and troubleshoot many of today's top security products. He also serves as a technical director for GIAC.

  • This was last published in October 2008

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