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Screencast: Opening up the Network Security Toolkit

Tom Bowers reviews the basics of the browser-based Network Security toolkit, including proper configurations, tool selection and general usage.

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Built upon's "100 Best Tools," the Network Security Toolkit is improving the jobs of information security professionals everywhere.

Tom Bowers, managing director of security think tank and industry analyst firm Security Constructs, uses this latest screencast to explore the collection of networking and security gear. Bowers reviews the basics of the browser-based security toolbox, including proper configurations and tool selection.

Watch the NST screencast in a larger window

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    About the author:
    Tom Bowers, managing director of security think tank and industry analyst firm Security Constructs, holds the CISSP, PMP and Certified Ethical Hacker certifications, and is a well-known expert on the topics of data leakage prevention, global enterprise information security architecture and ethical hacking. His areas of expertise include aligning business needs with security architecture, risk assessment and project management on a global scale. Bowers serves as the president of the 600-member Philadelphia chapter of Infragard, is a technical editor of Information Security magazine, and speaks regularly at events like Information Security Decisions.
  • This was last published in February 2008

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