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Scripture-based passwords

Learn how you can use the Bible as a source for passwords in this tip.

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This tip may only appeal to a small number within an organization, but it is one that can be added to a list of other password creation ideas.

For those who memorize scripture verses, identifying the book, chapter and verse of a favorite scripture can be an excellent way of creating an effective password. As an example: 2Corinthians12:9 provides alphanumeric characters, variance in case and a special character. If the system has a maximum password length shorter than that, the name of the Bible book can be abbreviated to fit the limit.

Use the first letters of each word in a favorite verse. By using the tip of substituting a '5' for an 'S' or a '0' for an 'o,' etc., you can introduce numeric characters. Use the '&' where 'and' is written or '@' if the word 'at' is in the verse.

There are thousands of verses in the Bible -- giving a user an endless set of easy-to-remember, but hard-to-crack passwords.

This was last published in October 2001

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