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Secure remote access: SSH Tectia Manager

In this review, Information Security magazine's senior technology editor examines the strengths and weaknesses of SSH's Tectia Manager.

SSH Tectia Manager
SSH Communications Security
Price: Starts at $14,500

With its new central management solution, SSH is scaling up secure access for remote systems administration and proprietary e-commerce applications.

SSH products have long provided point-to-point access security based on the Secure Shell protocol. Until now, enterprise deployment -- using SSH or, alternatively, SSL -- has required considerable administrative and integration work for each point-to-point implementation, with inefficient update and configuration change management capabilities. SSH Tectia Manager makes SSH technology far more attractive as an enterprise-wide option.

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The agent-based Tectia Manager leverages SSH's new middleware, Tectia Connector, to provide multiplatform encrypted communications and authentication for client/server apps and secure remote administration. It provides automated distribution of public host keys. And, it supports strong, two-factor authentication through smart cards and hardware tokens, as well as PKI, using either Tectia Certifier or a third-party solution.

Each device requires SSH client or server software (also dubbed Tectia with their new releases), but these can now be centrally deployed, managed and updated. Through the management GUI, security managers can configure servers and workstations individually or through group assignments.

Tectia's rebranding of the SSH product line is more than a marketing ploy to get out from under the image of a useful, but limited security tool. With Tectia Manager and its underlying middleware, SSH steps up to enterprise-level solutions.

About the Author

Neil Roiter is Senior Technology Editor with Information Security magazine.

This review orginally appeared in Information Security magazine.

This was last published in December 2005

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