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Security a concern? Get up to speed on latest security techniques

Here are some resources to help you keep up with security techniques.

"Fire your current security advisor, he sux." That was the message "Splurge" left for the New York Times when he hacked the newspaper's Web site on Feb. 15. Indeed, if security is your responsibility, a successful hack could send YOUR head rolling. Where teenage hackers are exalted as geniuses, "software engineers working on Internet security are [indicted as] idiots," writes Elizabeth Conner, in a May 2000 article at Tom's Hardware Guide. The hacker "gets all the glory, the software engineer gets fired."

Conner is paraphrasing security expert Marcus Raynum, the keynote speaker at last spring's meeting of The Internet Security Conference (TISC). Systems managers and security experts will again meet in Los Angeles on June 4 for TISC 2001. Firewalls and wireless security will top the list for the show's conferences and seminars. And Internet security consultancy Foundstone will teach systems managers to review their companies' security systems through hands-on exercises.

This is your opportunity to get up to speed on prevention measures you can take to improve security and thwart hackers. Education now can prevent future problems.

You can read TISC 2000 coverage at the Tom's Hardware Guide Web site. And to learn more about TISC 2001, visit

We also urge you to subscribe to TISC Insight, a newsletter that offers in-depth analyses and advice for improving network security. Volume 2, Issue 9 lists "Ten Things to Ask Your ASP" about its network security capabilities.

For a broader perspective on security matters, read the August 2000 Information Week story. "In this customer- centric world of instant access and continuous connections," writes Susan Breidenbach, "e-business initiatives that outpace security considerations are heading for disaster."

About the author:
Mark Baard is a contributing editor in Milton, Mass.

This was last published in March 2001

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