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Seven steps to safeguard enterprise e-mail

Learn about the potential risks, standards and mitigating technologies for each layer of e-mail security.

This presentation by Dr. Joel M. Snyder, Senior Partner at Opus One, was given at Information Security Decisions Spring 2005.

As a critical business application, e-mail requires careful attention from a security perspective. In this session Dr. Joel M. Snyder, Senior Partner at Opus One, describes the "e-mail onion" and the many layers of networking and infrastructure that go into building a successful e-mail system. As he reveals each layer, you learn about the potential security risks, standards and mitigating technologies, ranging from IP-based security through TLS and S/MIME, up to content-layer issues such as antispam, antivirus and policy-based e-mail controls. You come away from this presentation with architecture to best:

  • Evaluate your existing e-mail security issues and identify gaps
  • Establish a solid methodology for securing e-mail and plugging the holes
  • Maintaining corporate e-mail security beyond the status quo

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This was last published in May 2005

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