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Shopping for antispyware solutions

This presentation by "Hardening Windows" author Jonathan Hassell explores the many options for enterprise-class spyware defense.

Jonathan Hassell, author and consultant, presented this session at Information Security Decisions Fall 2005.


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In a recent Information Security survey, 92% of respondents called controlling spyware an important goal. Vendors know how significant a threat spyware is, and, as a result, there's no shortage of antispyware solutions on the market. Defending against spyware on an enterprise scale presents a host of challenges: central management of updates, network and client-based scanning and monitoring, and broad-scale remediation and clean up. Since spyware is such a pressing problem and a productivity drain, it can be tough to take the time to evaluate the best spyware solution for your corporate environment. This session, delivered by Hardening Windows author Jonathan Hassell, cuts through the vendor hype and the marketing speak. Hassell surveys the many options for enterprise-class spyware defense to help you make the best decision for your organization.

Download this presentation and learn:

  • If your company needs an antispyware solution, and if so, why
  • Whether current AV systems are effective in fighting spyware
  • How the marketplace is changing due to AV vendors introducing spyware scanning
  • Whether freeware has a place in the suite of detection technologies
  • How the various antispyware products stack up against each other, including how they differ
  • The pros and cons to acquiring a spyware product as Microsoft begins to bake antispyware technology into its offerings

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This was last published in October 2005

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