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Using the Microsoft Sysinternals suite for a computer systems audit

If you're an auditor, or are looking to perform an internal audit, Microsoft's suite of Sysinternals tools could greatly help you. Learn how to use these free tools in this video demo.

Doing a thorough computer systems audit can be grueling, but it's important in order to assess the health of your network, and understand its weak points.

In this video demo, Peter Giannoulis of the introduces the Microsoft Sysinternals suite of tools -- all of which are free -- that can greatly reduce the amount of time and effort spent on a Windows network audit.


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About the author:
Peter Giannoulis, GSEC, GCIH, GCIA, GCFA, GCFW, GREM, CISSP, is an information security consultant in Toronto, Ontario. He currently maintains The Academy Pro, which provides streaming video for enterprises and consumers on how to configure and troubleshoot many of today's top security products. He also serves as a technical director for GIAC.


This was last published in July 2010

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