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Where do you run terminal services?

TS can be enabled on Win2k servers that play any role, but you should not enable application sharing on Win2k DCs.

Where do you run terminal services?
By Roberta Bragg

You probably haven't thought about this tip, excerpted from Windows 2000 Security, by Roberta Bragg, published by New Riders.

Terminal services can be enabled on Windows 2000 servers that play any role, but you should not enable application sharing on Windows 2000 domain controllers. To allow access to applications running on Terminal Servers, users much have the right to log on locally, even though they are accessing the server across the network. The right to log on locally, though given for accessing Terminal Server-hosted applications, does give them the capability to sit at the Terminal Server and log on interactively. Don't give them the right to log on locally to your domain controller.

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This was last published in January 2001

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