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Wireless lockdown: Unplugged not insecure

In this presentation from Information Security Decisions, wireless security expert Joel Snyder discusses how to build secure wireless network for enterprises of all sizes.

Joel Snyder, senior partner with consultancy Opus One and technical editor of Information Security magazine, presented...

this session at Information Security Decisions Fall 2005.


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With standards in place, enterprise network managers finally have the opportunity to build secure wireless networks to meet a wide range of requirements. In this presentation, Joel delivers state-of-the-art expertise on how to build and deploy secure wireless networks for enterprises of all sizes.

Major wireless security strategies, including IEEE 802.11i/802.1X, IPsec and other tunneling systems, and proprietary wireless security systems, are presented so you can select the best technology that meets your specific requirements. Adjunct technologies, including wireless IDS and other denial-of-service tools, are also brought into focus. In short, you learn the information required to design and deploy your own secure wireless network including the 10 most important tactics no one should be without.

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This was last published in October 2005

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