Endpoint protection advice: Improving NAC with secure endpoints

This endpoint protection tutorial discuss several aspects of endpoint protection, including how to use endpoint fingerprinting, how to create an endpoint security lifecycle, how to solve problems related to insecure endpoints.

Insecure endpoints can act as an open door to malicious users or hackers looking to cause harm to your network. Considering, endpoint security should be an essential component of every organization’s network access control strategy.

This tutorial features a variety of tips from SearchSecurity.com that discuss several aspects of endpoint protection, including how to use endpoint fingerprinting, how to create an endpoint security lifecycle, how to solve problems related to insecure endpoints.

Revitalizing endpoint protection with VDI desktops
Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows organizations to redesign endpoint security and management by allowing central control of desktop images and configurations, which lessens the risk of non-compliance with security policies.

In this presentation, Eric Ogren, founder and principal analyst of the Ogren Group, discusses VDI security options, how to evaluate the best VDI product for an organization, and what the ideal configuration and policy should look like.

NAC security guide

This mini learning guide is a part of SearchSecurity.com’s multi-page series, NAC security guide: How to achieve secure network access in the enterprise

Endpoint fingerprinting: Improve NAC security and secure endpoints for 'dumb devices'
In order to monitor network access of corporate and non-corporate assets and prevent security breaches and data loss, organizations turn to network access control (NAC) technology, which verifies that  all endpoint devices meet the minimum network security and compliance requirements of the organization.

In this tip, Usman Sindhu of Forrester Research explains how to use endpoint fingerprinting to improve NAC security for dumb devices or non-traditional network endpoints like network printers and IP phones.

Essential elements of a NAC endpoint protection security strategy
A successful network access control (NAC) strategy incorporates a variety of different components, such as authentication and enforcement, but securing and managing endpoints is one of the most important and essential aspects of network access control. 

In this tip, learn the benefits of endpoint security, how to create an endpoint security lifecycle, and how to integrate an endpoint security strategy into a NAC architecture. 

NAC and endpoint protection: The hard questions
In this video presentation, which is a part of SearchSecurity.com's Integration of Networking and Security School lesson, Locking down the endpoint: How network access control can boost host security, Joel Snyder answers important questions about endpoint security and explains how organizations can use network access control technology to address endpoint security problems and concerns.

Endpoint protection best practices: Combating endpoint issues, problems
A secure infrastructure requires both protection at the perimeter, against external threats, as well as at the endpoint.

This endpoint protection best practices mini learning guide discusses how to solve issues and problems related to insecure endpoints, as well as how to install and update systems, and offers price and cost information on endpoint protection products.

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Learn why mobile endpoint security and management offers both big opportunities and challenges for channel partners.

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