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NAC security guide: How to achieve secure network access in the enterprise

This multi-part network access control (NAC) security guide covers a variety of NAC-related topics, offering tips and expert advice on how to thoroughly secure network access to the enterprise.

From mobile devices to insecure wireless modems, users have myriad options for connecting to -- and infecting -- the enterprise network, making network access control (NAC) technologies and policies essential for every enterprise security strategy.

This multi-part NAC security guide covers a variety of topics – endpoint security, network architecture, secure remote access, NAC policy and NAC deployment – each of which offers tips and expert advice on different aspects of network access control and other network access security issues facing the enterprise. Learn how to thoroughly secure network access, how unauthorized users gain network access, how to block, remediate and secure untrusted endpoints, and recommended access control policies and procedures.


Endpoint protection advice

Insecure endpoints can open your network up to a plethora of threats. Learn more about enterprise endpoint protection strategies and best practices, including how to use endpoint fingerprinting and how to solve issues and problems related to having insecure endpoints.

Secure network architecture best practice

Ensuring and maintaining a secure network architecture is an essential step in every enterprise’s network access security strategy. Get advice for creating a secure network architecture by incorporating DMZ and VLAN security best practices, including identifying and preventing VLAN attacks.

Network access control policy, deployment guidelines

Looking to purchase a NAC product? Before making a purchase, every enterprise should have a NAC deployment strategy and NAC guidelines in place. Learn more about network access protection policy and deployment guidelines and best practices for creating a network access control policy.

How to secure remote network access

Remote employees can open an enterprise to a variety of threats, and managing them is never an easy task. Learn best practices for managing remote workers, advising employees on how to set up a secure home network and guidelines for conducting a remote access audit.

This was last published in March 2012

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