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PCI DSS Requirement 1: Install and maintain a firewall configuration

Simply installing a firewall on the network perimeter won't necessarily get you past PCI DSS Requirement 1. In this guide, Craig Norris explains the extra work that needs to be done.

At first glance, security professionals look at this requirement, simply install a firewall on their network perimeter...

and then think that all is well. Not quite. Many people fail to realize that PCI DSS Requirement 1 states that organizations must not only have a working firewall that is configured and documented correctly for ingress and egress filtering rules, but also utilize trusted zones (such as DMZs) and the use of perimeter firewalls installed between wireless networks and the cardholder data environment. These are just a few of the many specific details within the first PCI DSS requirement that tend to get ignored.

How to pass PCI Requirement 1

Organizations need to thoroughly review firewall configurations and the policies that control the traffic flowing into and out of a network. Many firewalls go untouched for quite some time after their initial network installation. Because business application needs and customer requirements change over time, many rules are adjusted to allow for additional ports and services to be initiated, allowing open communication between trusted and untrusted segments.

All changes on these devices must be approved, accurately documented and reviewed on an ongoing basis to make sure that they are hardened and only allow secure information to flow between network segments. Documented configuration standards for these protections are mandatory along with specific documentation that justifies your network practices.

Finally, do not forget that configurations must provide security for assets that store, transmit or process cardholder data, which includes the appropriate network segmentation of information from wireless and mobile devices.

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Craig Norris, CISSP, CISA, G7799, MCSE, Security+, CAPM, TICSA, is a Regional Engagement Manager at an IT consulting firm in Dallas. He has been involved with information technology and security for over 12 years. He can be contacted via [email protected].


This was last published in September 2007

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