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Andrew Jaquith on defending against advanced targeted attacks

The growth and sophistication of advanced targeted attacks presents enterprise information security teams with what is perhaps their biggest challenge.

"About half of the financial institutions we see and observe are compromised every six months," said Andrew Jaquith, senior vice president and chief technology officer with Milford, Connecticut-based cloud security provider SilverSky. "And that's a pretty significant chunk, but those that are employing some of the better practices seem to have less of those."

In this interview, conducted at the 2014 Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit, Jaquith discusses simple tactics that can blunt advanced attacks. He discusses how one such method, blocking untrusted domains, can help enterprises defend against fast-flux attacks, a common attack technique used by attackers to disguise the source of an attack.

Jaquith also discusses why enterprises often overestimate their email security posture yet underestimate email security risk, setting the stage for crippling attacks.

Finally, Jaquith talks about why adopting a certain mindset matters more in preventing advanced attacks than any one specific emerging security technology.

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