Android security issues point to Android platform security concerns

Malware attacks against mobile devices, either via distributed attacks or malicious applications, are real and growing in number and sophistication, according to expert Dan Guido, founder of New York-based security research firm Trail of Bits.

"Mobile malware is real," Guido said, adding that he expects a significant ramp-up this year and into next. "It's a slow, gradual process where attackers are comfortable with the techniques and processes they are using to exploit devices. As they build out these tools, they're going to perform these attacks more often."

In this interview with Editorial Director Michael S. Mimoso, Guido covers the spectrum of security research on the various mobile platforms and explains why certain technologies, such as mobile device management products, are not effective against current attacks in the wild and proof-of-concept attacks from the research community.

He also spends some time talking about the Android platform security. Recognized as the riskiest among the major platforms, Android security issues include not only malware attacks that target Android, but also the shoddy vetting process Google has in place for applications submitted to the Google Play market.

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