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Beazley offers incident response to go with cybersecurity insurance

In a recent Skype interview, Editorial Director Robert Richardson spoke with Robert Wice, U.S. focus group leader with the Beazley Group. The company, which offers coverage for cyber losses in addition to more traditional insurance policies, has recently handled its 1,000th cybersecurity insurance claim. As part of the process of handling that many claims, Wice says, the company has learned that it benefits both the insurer and the insured if Beazley makes a trained incident response team available. Many companies, he notes, simply aren't prepared to deal with a significant breach and need some outside help to react quickly and effectively.

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Only insurer in the industry with a dedicated inhouse breach response team, comprised of experts who only work on data breaches. Joining them are Beazley's partners, including top flight lawyers, forensic experts, crisis communications professionals, notification experts and credit monitoring services