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Bolster your DLP strategy with help from the cloud and CASBs

Information security professionals may find that the complexity of their network is growing at an alarming rate, complicating among other things, efforts at maintaining a strategy for data loss prevention. As new layers of security and controls are applied, the task of minimizing risk and managing a DLP strategy only becomes more challenging. Cloud use is also increasing steadily over time, and a lot of data is being moved via cloud, though this shift too often goes unacknowledged or unaccounted for. Cloud creates a lot of uncertainty about the security of sensitive information. In this video, expert Kevin Beaver explains how the cloud can be leveraged to enhance your DLP strategy and your information protection program, while affording you proper visibility into what's happening with your data.

"There are these challenges associated with who's doing what, who's creating what, where all of the sensitive information is being stored, where it's being sent and how it's currently at risk. Many of the security incident and data breach stories that we are seeing in the headlines come about because of this lack of insight into what's really going on," explains Beaver, an information security consultant at Principle Logic LLC with over 27 years of IT experience who specializes in performing independent security assessments aimed at minimizing information risks.

Beaver recommends using a cloud access security broker (CASB), a service that is suitable for users both on- and off-premises, and that can be integrated with existing security technologies and controls in your enterprise, such as your DLP strategy and security information and event management system. This integration can provide clearer insight as to what's happening with cloud usage through log analysis, and in turn extend internal security policies to the cloud.

Beaver goes on to explain the benefits of adopting a CASB in your enterprise. With so many different cloud services out there, it can help to standardize what is being used in your enterprise.

Watch this video to learn about the challenges enterprises face in maintaining a DLP strategy and how the cloud can help.


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