Creating a normalized corporate compliance program

This special presentation on creating a corporate compliance program is part of's Compliance School lesson, "Normalize information security and compliance data management,"featuring Mike Chapple of the University of Notre Dame.

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Despite the industry your organization might fall into, it likely faces plenty of compliance requirements. There are laws, regulations and contractual obligations that dictate how IT operations must be conducted, often resulting in confusion and complexity. It is up to the enterprise information security and compliance managers to sort out and coordinate these requirements, while still providing an environment where business can be done.

In this special video presentation from's enterprise compliance expert Mike Chapple, learn how to build a sustainable and maintainable IT compliance program. The main objective is to keep your organization compliant with laws and regulations while minimizing the time spent on nonvalue-added tasks that distract from the primary objectives of the compliance program.

About the speaker
Mike Chapple, Ph. D., CISA, CISSP, is an IT security manager with the University of Notre Dame. He previously served as an information security researcher with the National Security Agency and the U.S. Air Force. Chapple is a frequent contributor to and serves as its resident expert on network security for its Ask the Experts panel. He is a technical editor for Information Security magazine and the author of several information security titles, including the CISSP Prep Guide and Information Security Illuminated.

Editor's note: This presentation was originally recorded in March 2012.

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