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DDoS attack protection: When should it be taken seriously?

In this DDoS Security School video, expert Mike Cobb explains why it is time to take DDoS attacks seriously. He highlights the latest techniques in DDoS hacks while suggesting approaches to DDoS attack protection and prevention.

Mike Cobb believes that DDoS attacks have "reached the point where they should be taken seriously since they render a machine, service, or network inaccessible to its intended users." Because one of the three pillars of security is the availability of information, it becomes crucial that an organization's network is secure and remains accessible to only the intended users.

The evolution of DDoS attacks is also discussed; just 10 years ago the largest attack was 8 Gbps and it has now reached 400 Gbps. This record high highlights the new technologies that are being used in the attacks as well as the idea that attackers are favoring lower bandwidth attacks that are more frequent and last longer. With the average attack lasting around 25 hours, DDoS attacks are heavily seen in the gaming industry where the main drivers of the attacks are hacktivism, extortion and vandalism.

There are several key ways to successfully defend against an attack, yet the main defense revolves around being prepared. By always being at the ready, there is no chance of confusion among employees or departments about what to do when a DDoS attack occurs. Mike Cobb further emphasizes the need to have a post-DDoS attack protection plan as well since a collective response helps "implement best practices to help prevent this from happening in the future." DDoS attacks will continue to grow in frequency, size, and sophistication; companies must become and stay prepared.

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