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DDoS defense: Changing the approach to handle new threats

With the introduction of highly potent distributed denial-of-service attacks last year that leveraged insecure connected devices, the security industry has been forced to re-evaluate its DDoS defense strategy.

One company that has been changing its approach to new DDoS threats is Corero Network Security. Earlier this year, the company, based in Marlborough, Mass., introduced a new version of its SmartWall Network Threat Defense with 100 Gbps Ethernet to mitigate the recent wave of powerful, record-setting DDoS attacks, powered by the likes of the Mirai botnet. The SmartWall appliance is also available as part of Corero's SmartProtect DDoS protection-as-a-service offering.

Ashley Stephenson, CEO of Corero, spoke with SearchSecurity at RSA Conference 2017 about the growing threats of internet of things-enabled DDoS attacks and how the nature of DDoS defense has changed over the years.

"Looking back, the original DDoS products tended to focus on protecting the provider network, and often sacrificed the victim," Stephenson says. "Techniques such as blackholing keep the provider network whole by dropping the DDoS traffic, but they sacrifice the intended victim as a result."

In this SearchSecurity video, Stephenson explains how the art of DDoS defense has changed, and how Corero is addressing new threats, like the Mirai botnet.

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