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Dan Kaminsky on detecting malware with one line of code

Rapidly discovering and thwarting advanced targeted attacks in real time (or near-real time) is one of the most difficult challenges facing enterprises. But one of the information security industry's foremost luminaries says it may be possible to do just that with a single line of code.

According to Dan Kaminsky, co-founder and chief scientist at New York-based threat-detection vendor White Ops Inc., it's widely known that attackers must create bots in order to control remote targets. And that means defenders can pinpoint malware-laden devices via the bots that attackers use to control them.

"And our discovery is that it's such a strong signal that there's a bot, you don't even need to deploy code. You can find it with one line of JavaScript," Kaminsky said. "And this is significant because in the history of computers, we have never had an easier and lower-cost mechanism for deploying code than JavaScript in Web browsers."

In this interview, recorded at the 2014 RSA Conference, Kaminsky discusses his company's emerging browser-based malware-detection technology, including how it works in spite of the "nightmarish" complexity involved with crafting technology compatible with today's Web browsers.

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Good stuff. Using the criminal's advanced methods to actually make our own defenses stronger. Me like!
I'm sorry, that was painful to watch. Very awkwardly spoken, on both sides.