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Dave Shackleford: Tips for IT security tools convergence

The convergence of multiple functions into a suite of IT security tools or multifunction platform is nothing new, but it is redefining major product areas such as endpoint security and next-generation firewalls.

Can your network IPS or firewall perform real application profiling and behavioral analysis? Can your endpoint security agent take forensics/response actions? New categories of IT security tools and services can help with this today, according to Dave Shackleford, founder and principal consultant at Voodoo Security in Roswell, Ga.

Successful convergence strategies require figuring out what you have vs. what you need to avoid IT security tool overlap. "I think many of us realize that we have been accumulating products to solve point solutions over the years," says Shackleford. "We have been gathering these products; maybe some based on the latest buzz word of the day or probably, more likely, because we felt a need build up or had a compliance mandate that had a requirement. Over time," he says, "you realize that not only are you not using all of them -- and a classic problem in the security industry is shelfware -- but you also realize that many of the vendors are adding more features all of the time and that you have this significant degree of overlap."

More IT security tools will be purchased as part of a single package or integrated suite offering. These compilations of IT security tools and services offer several benefits beyond point solutions, but sometimes it's hard for enterprises to figure out what some products really offer and how these security bundles will fit in with existing controls. New security-as-a-service products can also offer some consolidation aspects. In this video, Shackleford outlines strategies for consolidating IT security tools to help enterprises inventory existing controls and get more value out of their toolsets.

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