Defense in Depth 2.0

The concept of defense in depth has evolved considerably from its origins in military strategy. Ten years ago it was a network-centric paradigm, but in today’s perimeterless enterprise environments where a myriad of mobile devices, applications and unique business requirements demand data and services that are available anywhere and anytime, a new take on defense in depth is needed to keep enterprise assets secure.

This video will offer an executive overview of not only the key business and technical issues that have necessitated a dramatic change in defense in depth design, but also how to develop a strategy that can be used to drive an organization’s layered defense tactics amid a threat landscape that has evolved rapidly in the last 1-2 years. 

Specific points of emphasis will include:

·         Designing an approach that balances security and functionality

·         Extending defenses to mobile users

·         Exploring various ways to secure your data

·         Incorporating emerging technologies into your strategy

·         Understanding how critical technologies work in concert effectively

·         Keeping your defenses within your budget

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