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Emerging security trends enterprises should keep an eye on

Security is a constantly evolving industry and keeping up with emerging security trends can be difficult at times. These days cyber security professionals are flooded with talk of security analytics, the Internet of Things and virtualization. Luckily, Ronald Plesco, principal and national lead of the Cyber Investigations, Intelligence and Analytics practice at KPMG, has insight into these trends.

When it comes to security analytics technology, Plesco said the systems with the most impact have two main characteristics. "They understand first and foremost … what the key business operations tied to the information assets are," he said in this interview with SearchSecurity at RSA Conference 2015. "Secondly, taking the information, taking the product itself, and making sure [the analytics system is] pulling in intelligence from those organizations that are most likely attacking you or are attacking you."

Plesco also discussed IoT and the legitimate risk it poses to enterprises. "The Internet of Things concept is a challenge for any security professional to control, watch and protect," he said. "We're not talking about the employee that's trying to connect to their Crock-Pot at home or their HVAC device; what we're talking about is trying to deploy an IoT-type device inside of an [enterprise] environment. How do you do that securely to protect your information assets?"

One of the things I'm looking at is virtualization of mobile devices

As for virtualization, Plesco shared his take on the state of virtualization tools today. "Without talking specific [tools], there are some good ones and there are some that don't work. From my standpoint, you have to do your due diligence when looking at tools."

Finally, Plesco briefly discussed an emerging technology he thinks will have a large impact on security professionals in the near future. "One of the things I'm looking at is virtualization of mobile devices…There's a lot of security opportunity there."

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