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Enterprise UTM: A new breed of unified threat management devices

Unified threat management devices have traditionally been suited for small and medium-sized business networks. UTMs combine a number of essential technologies, including firewall, perimeter antimalware and antispam, VPN, Web content filtering and more, but historically have not been capable of handing the traffic load of a large enterprise network. Now, UTM vendors are integrating a host of new features in an attempt to become more competitive against other enterprise-grade security appliances. Do these additions make UTM more attractive for big businesses?

In this SearchSecurity screencast, expert David Strom discusses the latest UTM features that vendors such as Fortinet, Sophos and Cyberoam have implemented. First, Strom reviews how core unified threat management technologies have evolved to address contemporary security challenges. Next, he details the features that are making UTM more appealing to large enterprises. For example, UTM vendors have nearly closed the gap with next-generation firewalls, with some UTM devices even including full-featured Web application firewalls.

Additionally, several UTM products now offer integrated wireless security management. Strom discusses how some UTMs include a wireless access point, while others offer management software that works with add-on Wi-Fi access management products.

Strom provides a complete rundown of the need-to-know security capabilities for any organization considering unified threat management.

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