Evaluating next-generation firewalls

As security becomes more intricate in the 21st century due to increased and advanced threats, the importance of having a firewall that can manage these new and complex security measures is at an all-time high. In this webcast, information security expert, Joel Snyder discusses six tips and hints for evaluating next-generation firewalls. Snyder explains how people are transitioning to taking a closer look at architecture and products, and moving on from original firewalls to next-gen firewalls that can handle increased and new tasks.

These tips include avoiding the marketing jargon and buzzwords of new products, and focus on solving the problem at hand, ensuring that whatever next-generation firewall you’re considering has all the basic components of a firewall only more advanced, shortlisting mitigation features to cut down time on evaluation, widening the tuple for more visibility into applications, ensuring a next-generation you’re evaluating has SSL decryption and building and testing your application identification policy, despite how hard it may be. With all these tips and hints in mind during the evaluation process, once you do decide on a next-generation firewall, its deployment and management will be much smoother and successful.


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