Gary McGraw on secure software development, BSIMM study

SAN FRANCISCO -- Organizations with strong software security processes share some common similarities, according to noted software security expert Gary McGraw.

In this wide-ranging video interview from RSA Conference 2012, McGraw, CTO of Cigital Inc., describes the Building Security in Maturity Model (BSIMM),  a study he leads that looks at real-world software security initiatives. McGraw said his BSIMM team observed the software security at 42 enterprises and found important similarities essential to fostering a more secure software development environment.

While many of the organizations studied in BSIMM are large enterprises, McGraw said smaller firms can use the study to make incremental improvements to their own program. Having a strong leadership role is one of the essential components, he said. Many organizations also establish a software security group to help identify and address issues.

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