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How Android 5 security compares to other mobile OSes

With more than a billion devices operating on "the Google experience" and over a million new Android devices being activated across the world every day, it's time for enterprises to seriously consider Android's viability as a business-ready platform. But not all Android devices are created equal -- 43% of Android devices in the wild are still running below Gartner's minimum version recommendation of 4.3, and many Android devices use Android Open Source Project variants that are outside of Google's jurisdiction. How can enterprises evaluate Android platform security? This video considers the question of Android security in general, and Android 5 security in particular.

"It's not surprising that Android is targeted by malware. At 81% of the global market, this OS has the largest installed base of consumer smartphones in the world," says Lisa Phifer, the owner of Core Competence Inc., a consulting firm that advises companies on safe business use of emerging internet technologies. However, Google is constantly working on improving the Android platform and has done so greatly with Android 5 security. "Bug fixes, platform improvements and ecosystem enhancements have all played a big role in making Lollipop the most robust version of Android yet," Phifer says, referring to Android 5.

Phifer explains the known weaknesses and vulnerabilities the Android platform faces, such as its fragmented market that makes OS updates, policy enforcement and uniform file system encryption challenging, and its permissive ecosystem that allows side-loading from third-party app stores that are rife with malware. She describes the improvements Google made to combat Android platform flaws, with Android 5 security receiving a giant boost -- universal support for full device encryption, Smart Lock to support usual PINs and passwords, the built-in Android for Work that separates out enterprise data through containerization and more.

After this comprehensive look at how Android has developed, Phifer lays out Android 5 security in comparison to other mobile OS, such as Samsung Knox and BlackBerry 10. She concludes with considerations and steps for enterprises if adopting the use of Android 5 for business.

Watch this video to learn more about Android 5 security and Android devices in the workplace.

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