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This content is part of the Security School: How best to find and fend off malicious mobile apps
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How to stop the malicious mobile apps aimed at your network

In this webcast, expert Michael Cobb examines the ways in which attackers now distribute malicious mobile applications and what organizations can do to protect the devices their employees use, and the company data on them.

The volume of malicious mobile apps is increasing dramatically, for several reasons. They make money for their creators and distributors. But they are a favorite tool of hackers because they also can be used to collect information contained on mobile devices and even spy on users' communications. The attractiveness of malicious mobile apps to hackers is enhanced by the reality that the workplace is being flooded by mobile devices that employees bring in and use for work. The BYOD workplace has created a potential hole of significant proportions in the enterprise security posture. Infosec pros must become aware of the nature of this latest threat in order to develop effective counter strategies.

This webcast explains which users and what types of data are the favorite targets of hackers, and offers specific advice on who IT security pros can help BYOD users in their enterprise use devices more safely by, among other things, informing them of the threats out there, such as those found in public Wi-Fi hotspots. He then looks at how an IT pro can best detect and neutralize malicious mobile apps after they've latched on to a device.

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