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How to use Prey tracking software to mitigate enterprise BYOD risks

As enterprise environments are flooded with mobile devices, IT security professionals are struggling to maintain the integrity of the data on such devices, not to mention ensuring the devices themselves aren't lost or stolen. Through policy, some organizations foist the responsibility for safeguarding mobile devices and their data onto employees, forcing them to find their own mobile management and tracking tools.

For iOS and Android, Apple and Google respectively do provide tools to locate missing mobile devices, but such options don't extend past a solitary device or platforms. Nowadays, users at large organizations will have not only a Windows laptop, but also a tablet and smartphone under a bring your own device (BYOD) program, with all of those devices running different operating systems. Is there an application that enables users and IT pros to track multiple devices, regardless of platform? The Prey tracking software may be worth a look.

In this SearchSecurity screencast, Keith Barker, a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and trainer for CBT Nuggets LLC, shows how to use Prey to track missing Windows and Mac laptops, as well as smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android. To begin, users can simply install the tiny Prey agent on the relevant devices, and then access the cloud-based application via preyproject.com. From there, Prey will display the info on the user's devices based on what options are selected, including IP addresses, MAC addresses and other possible clues as to a device's whereabouts. Users can also set the device to take pictures if it has a camera, and even sound an alarm if they believe the device is still within their vicinity. With the free version of Prey, users can install the agent on up to three devices and store 10 reports based on the activity of those devices, with more options available for paying customers. The Prey tracking software helps to easily mitigate some of the BYOD risks associated with lost or stolen devices.

CBT Nuggets

About CBT Nuggets:
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About Keith Barker:
Keith Barker, CISSP, is a trainer for CBT Nuggets and has more than 27 years of IT experience. He is a double CCIE and has been named a Cisco Designated VIP. Barker is also the author of numerous Cisco Press books and articles.

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