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ICS security training needed to boost awareness, response

Despite no shortage of industrial control system security warnings over the past few years, a top expert on ICS security training believes security awareness within the industry has a long way to go.

Ernie Hayden, executive consultant with Alexandria, Va.-based consultancy Securicon LLC and a SearchSecurity contributor, said recent data has shown the majority of ICS professionals aren't aware of the security vulnerabilities and risks affecting ICS.

In this video, recorded at the 2014 RSA Conference, Hayden discusses the importance of raising awareness about the importance of ICS security training.

"You've got to train your staff, the personnel out on the factory floor, to realize they need to pay attention to security issues," Hayden said. "But then if you're worried about it, what do you do?"

The next step, Hayden said, is to help the ICS industry understand the importance of security as compared to availability, which often trumps every other concern.

ICS is more ubiquitous than most people realize, Hayden added, noting that in addition to utility plants and manufacturing facilities, the technology is present in shipping, manufacturing and in most commercial buildings to control everything from lighting to thermostats, giving adversaries plenty of potential targets.

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