(ISC)2 board member on security industry growth vs. member value

(ISC)2 faces what David Melnick calls "an interesting challenge" -- creating value for existing members while growing its ranks as quickly as possible.

"Clearly there is a demand for millions of security professionals in the coming years," said Melnick, (ISC)2 board member, "and millions that aren't even in the market today."

Melnick holds the CISSP, CIPP and CISA certifications and works as principal for security & privacy services with the audit & enterprise risk services practice at Deloitte & Touche LLP. In this video interview, he discusses (ISC)2's top challenges and opportunities, its strategy to balance the need to foster security industry growth with the advancement of its member community, recent governance changes  within the organization, and the growing momentum behind its Safe and Secure Online youth education program.

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