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(ISC)2 responds to criticism with global academic program

(ISC)2 is one of the security industry's biggest and most widely-recognized professional organizations, so naturally criticisms follow it everywhere. One of those criticisms is that the organization should build a more robust program for would-be or beginner security professionals.

"I think it's a fair critique that there's more we could be doing in the introductory type of computer areas and we're looking at that, working with the board," said David Shearer, executive director at (ISC)2. "We do think that that's probably a hole in our offering that we need to close on."

In this video interview with SearchSecurity's Eric Parizo at the 2015 RSA Conference, Shearer talked specifically about what (ISC)2 is doing to get people at an earlier stage of their security career. The answer, he says, lies with young people.

"We [need to] get the young -- that are so embedded with this technology -- interested in the profession." Shearer said. "It's going take years and it's going to take a sustained effort to do that, but I think we've got to keep pressing on that side of the house with our global academic program."

As for the other criticisms that (ISC)2 isn't transparent with its members? Shearer is committed to improving that, too. "I have 25 years of public service working for tax payers; I look at the membership the same way. We're here on their behalf and we're going to do our level best to improve that perception that we're not transparent."

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