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Implementing secure private cloud IaaS: Factors to consider

Many organizations are now considering implementing cloud and in particular focusing their strategies around Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud providers. This way, traditional infrastructure is moved to environments where virtual platforms are taking the place of physical platforms. Making this transition isn't simple. There are many challenges and things to consider when implementing a private cloud IaaS.

In this video, Dave Shackleford discusses the key issues when it comes to IaaS, which focus heavily on security. Some of these considerations include an enterprise's data and system sensitivity, the cost of public versus private, and compliance and regulations. Additionally, Shackleford discusses the top security reasons for choosing private IaaS, as well as key points on how to successfully and securely customize IaaS security design. To better understand what IaaS means, Shackleford then explains virtual machines and management platforms, as well as how to secure those platforms. Finally, he discusses Cloud Security Alliance's Trusted Cloud Initiative as a way to secure architecture. Learn the best options for securing your private cloud IaaS.

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