Inside the NSA trusted computing strategy

It may not be obvious, but the National Security Agency has the same computing needs and worries most enterprises do.

“We’re trying to solve the same kinds of problems the marketplace is trying to solve,” said Tony W. Sager, chief operating officer of the Information Assurance Directorate of the NSA. “We want clouds, we want the latest tablets, the latest smartphones … so our people have more power, more access to information and more opportunities to succeed in the same way everyone else does.”

In this interview from the second annual NSA Trusted Computing Conference in Orlando, Sager discusses why the concepts of trusted computing are of foremost importance to the NSA and how they’re being put to work to solve the network and endpoint integrity problems faced by the public and private sector alike. Sager also explains why enterprise security efforts “don’t have a prayer” without greater visibility into enterprise environments, and the importance of understanding the economics of disrupting attackers.

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