International data protection: 'Evil maid' attacks, HDD cloning risks

SAN FRANCISCO -- Securing data that is inside the corporate IT infrastructure is an ongoing challenge, but what happens when C-level executives and other employees possessing sensitive data have to travel internationally for business?

According to Ryan Lackey, co-founder and CEO of network security vendor Cryptoseal Inc., international travel represents a huge opportunity for hostile nation states and other cybercriminals eager to steal corporate data. Users are often compelled by foreign governments to hand over devices and even disclose passwords, intent on stealing sensitive intellectual property and any other data of value. There's no question that enterprises must have an international data protection plan in place in order to mitigate the risks.

In this video interview, recorded at the 2013 RSA Conference, Lackey discusses some of the most prevalent threats to data when users travel abroad, including hard drive (HDD) cloning, details on the dreaded "evil maid" attacks and strategies to defend against them. He also notes that these problems aren't just limited to business travelers destined for China. Regardless of where a company is sending a user in the world, a strategy is needed to ensure the security of corporate data.

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