Ira Winkler on why cybersecurity degrees are worthless

Future security practitioners have more options than ever before when it comes to acquiring an education in cybersecurity. In addition to pursuing one of the many available security certifications, they have the option of earning a degree in cybersecurity from an undergraduate college or university. But does a college degree have the same value as a certification? According to security expert Ira Winkler, it does not.

In this video interview, Winkler, author of Spies Among Us, explains why cybersecurity degrees are worthless and how future security practitioners should go about acquiring their cybersecurity educations.

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The only people who say degrees and certification are no good are usually those who don't have them. One of the problems with security folk now is that they go get this silo type training he describe and are so limited in their skills. The degrees provide a good base and THEN you can ALSO earn the certs. As a matte of fact many degree programs have you graduate with both an degree and certs. This kind of advice is just so backwards. They are many great degree programs out there.