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Learn from the past: Ensure a secure future of information security

While one might think that the information security profession and its protection capabilities would have evolved and matured over the past two decades to reduce or completely eliminate breaches and compromises, that's not the case. Just as the technology to secure our world has grown, so too have the abilities of our adversaries.

Fortunately, enterprises can learn from the past to prepare for the future of information security.

In this video, expert David Sherry offers a brief outline of security history -- including the five "eras" of security -- and compares the security model of yesteryear with today's security model.

Sherry also discusses the common methods by which enterprises data is compromised, as well as how that data is used once stolen. He finishes with recommendations to prevent and to respond to breaches and compromises, and offers both managerial and technical tips to help ensure a safe future of information security.


About the author:
As chief information security officer of Brown University, David Sherry is charged with the development and maintenance of Brown's information technology security strategy, IT policies and best practices, security training and awareness programs, as well as ongoing risk assessment and compliance tasks. A CISSP and CISM, Sherry has 20 years of experience in information technology. He previously worked at Citizens Bank where he was vice president for enterprise identity and access management, providing leadership for compliance and security governance.

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